Top 5 Campgrounds on the Russian River

Top 5 Campgrounds On The Russian River

Explore these great campgrounds on the Russian River to get a good idea of where you want to pitch your tent the next time you come to visit and reconnect with nature! There are so many amazing campgrounds in West Sonoma County but I wanted to show everyone which campgrounds on the Russian River are going to be the most comfortable for you. To be fair I have looked up the reviews on Yelp so you can see what the people who have stayed at these places have to say!

#1 Bullfrog Pond Campground

Bullfrog Pond

 The first on the list of top campgrounds on the Russian River is Bullfrog Pond which is located in Armstrong Woods! The views from this campground are breathtaking. Jana C. from the East Bay said "THE MUIR WOODS OF SONOMA!!! Awesome and very awestruck, enjoying being in the shadows of such redwoods. Parson Jones and Colonel Armstrong are 310&308 feet, respectively. The latter is one of the oldest GIANTS around. The Colonel once owned thousands of acres, early 20th century, as he settled in the late 1800's. He fought personally against the prolific logging industry then. What we enjoy today is his labor of love. Way chill, the picnic area, strolling and biking paths, soft brush....gorgeous and peaceful. Fresh air....lucky Guerneville:)" Christopher D. from San Francisco said "This is a great place for a day hike. It's an hour and a half from San Francisco, but worth the drive, just for the day and good to combine with other activities in the Guerneville area for a nice weekend. My friends and I did the East Ridge/Pool Ridge Loop on a clear Sunday last weekend. This is the steeper of the two big loops (the other being Austin Creek/GIlliam Creek Trails). At around 6.5 miles and 1600 foot total elevation gain, it was the best combination of beauty, peace, wildflowers, gorgeous views and a nice calorie burning workout. The wildflowers are starting to sprout. The highlight was when we found groups of Calypso Orchids growing by both trails."


#2 River Bend Campground

River Bend

 River Bend is known for the lumberjack statue that stands boldly in the dead center of the park visible from River Road and is one of the best Russian River Campgrounds because of it's ability to accommodate almost everyone. Kelsey C. from San Francisco said "If you are looking for Russian River camping, look no further. River Bend is our new favorite campground!  We tent camped here a couple weeks ago here for the first time and it was such an incredible weekend. Check-in was easy, we got to our site (#4 is awesome) and headed down to the beach.  The river was calm for the little kids to swim and play and even jump off the Big Rock if brave enough!  The scenery down by the river was so beautiful and peaceful.  We forgot a few things that we easily picked up at the General Store on site. The bathrooms were clean (a must!) and there are hot showers (!). We loved the stunning views of the vineyards near the back of the campground - how often can you camp right next to vineyards?! The kids were in heaven the whole weekend with the playgrounds, the arcade, the FREE face painting and the movie night!  Such a memorable experience for the little ones. We will definitely be coming back here."

Another review from Stan P. of Oakland said "Back again. 5th time. They have expanded the park and it is better than ever.  All the negative reviews about being in a trailer park. This part is separate and secluded and quiet and beautiful and has easy lake access. My favorite place to camp and my once a year getaway"


#3 Casini Ranch Campground

Casini Ranch

 Casini's Ranch is among one of the most popular campgrounds on the Russian River and once a year they hold the civil war reenactment known as  "Civil War Days ". In the Yelp reviews, James D. from Dublin said "First time there and we stayed for 3 nights. We had an awesome time! Feeding the horses was great. The guy feeding them in the late afternoon was awesome. He took the time to give us some history of the horses and he even let my granddaughter feed them some flakes. The kids enjoyed the crafts and we all enjoyed the ice cream social. There were large groups camping and it looked like everyone was having a great time. They really take care of this place. They water the roads to keep the dust down, keep the trash dumpsters smashed down, and will even deliver wood to you. This place has awesome tent and RV areas. I recommend you forego the lousy reviews and experience this place for yourself. You will not be disappointed."

Another review  Eric F. from Novato said "Great place to do some camping! I bring my boys here at the beginning of every summer.  I too read many negative reviews, everything from the attendant being rude to the place being dirty.  In my 4 years of coming here, I have never had a single problem or complaint.  The staff has always been helpful and accommodating, there are ample things to do, there is also plenty of space to have privacy. As to the review about the place being dirty, ...yep, that is true.  There is quite a bit of dirt and you will get dirty. But that is camping! They do have a nice river and showers that you can use if you don't want the dirt.  :) I love this place and if your looking to get away and do some camping this place is great.  If your looking for romantic vistas, majestic views, 5-star restaurants, staff who caters to you in a tuxedo and nicely manicured gardens then you'll probably not enjoy yourself."

#4 Johnson's Beach Resort

Johnson's Beach

Johnson's beach is among the best campgrounds on the Russian River because of it's River access, as well as it's proximity to the charming little town of Guerneville. In the Yelp reviews, Johnathan D. from San Francisco said "I loved every bit of it, and there seemed to be something for everyone. From the cabins we stayed in, to the camping and RV spots. Super charming and perfectly located close to everything. I got to meet the owners, who made me feel as if I had been coming for years, even though it was my first time. Selfishly, I almost didn't write this review because I wasn't sure I wanted to share this little gem...  Nonetheless, the word is out, it's awesome! Sadly I do not remember the names of the owners and staff that assisted us, or I would address you directly. However, if you happen to read this, THANK YOU !!!!  Good times."

In another review, Carl P. from San Francisco said "What can I say... I have been coming here for 8 years sporadically. I am excited about the ownership change. Even just this year the cabins got a fluff and buff. It's great to see some new life coming into Guerneville. The location of this campground is perfect if you don't want to set foot in a car again. Walking distance to the market, to great restaurants, other bars. Waking up to the sun and seeing the river just mere steps beckoning you to jump in. The hosts were incredibly accommodating and I look forward to future visits."

#5 Burke's Canoe Trips-CampingBurkes

Burke's Canoe Trips is also among the most popular of the campgrounds on the Russian River because it is set in the redwoods and on the Russian River giving it's campers beach access and lots of room to enjoy nature. In the Yelp reviews, Kim K. from San Jose said "We tried this canoe company and the Russian River for the first time in our life. We had the best experience in our life. Who said is long and boring?! It's so beautiful and mesmerizing that we all were so disappointed when it was over. We start at 9.15 and never rolled over or anything. ((FYI:  It was our first time canoeing.))) The whole 10 miles is a great nature view to go along. We had our lunch, couple of breaks and lots of swimming. We can't wait to get back there again in 2 weeks. By the way, the customer service was so great and we got our canoe and instructions right away when we got there. On our way back there was a bus waiting for us. We will go back in 2 weeks."

Another Review from Bob F. of Oakland said "I highly recommend Burke's canoes.  Going down the Russian River in a canoe is a fun day, at a reasonable price. My friends and I have been coming to Burke's for 25 years (a college reunion trip).  We have always been treated very well by Linda, Ted and the rest of the crew. The canoes are in great shape and for $65, it is a bargain.  You will see plenty of great scenery, plus egrets, geese, turtles and other wildlife. Going to Burke's is one of the highlights of the year, and it definitely marks the beginning of summer. Go now and have fun!  You will have a blast."