Top Reasons To Consider Staging Your Home

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As a real estate agent, I have noticed that homes that are staged tend to have higher offers. The process of staging allows buyers to update any outdated items, put on a fresh coat of paint where needed and really bring a new flare to the home. This combined with the use of a professional photographer and some awesome video and your home is ready to be shown! In the Russian River area, the clientele that are buying homes are typically high-tech buyers from San Francisco who are priced out of the market there and we have found that they have a real eye for detail so the more pampered your home is will bring you the biggest return further down the line. I met with Andrea Kent of Kent Home Staging to talk with her about the process of staging and what in particular she hopes to accomplish when staging a home to sell.

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Reasons To Stage

  • Draw Buyers To Listing
  • Improved Photographs
  • Giving Home New Life
  • Updating Old & Outdated Items
  • Decluttering & Pre-Packing
  • Higher Offers
  • Depersonalizing

"A really fun example of staging I did recently was a home where the sofa was actually blocking the walkway and by switching around the room arrangement we were able to make it flow easier for people to walk through the home." ~Andrea Kent

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The Staging Process

"Staging is like a sculpture, working in each room one by one fine tuning but also bringing it all together." ~Andrea Kent

The process consists of many different steps. The first step is when the real estate agent introduces the client to the stagers and has the first discussion about staging the home. The next step is when the stager does an initial walk-through of the home getting a feel for each room and envisioning what it could look like, or if it really even needs to be altered at all. Then, according to Andrea Kent of Kent Home Staging,  the stager will begin their pre-staging consultation in which they will tag the furniture that will go and the furniture that will stay. Also, they will make note with the client of any pre-packing or de-cluttering that needs to be done prior to staging the home. Then the stagers will go about gathering what they need to stage the home while the homeowner goes about doing what they need to do to prepare the home to stage. Next comes Stage Day! On stage day the stagers arrive with a large truck full of everything from bedding and accessories to furniture and go from room to room perfecting it for showing. Often times they will come back a day or two later to do any final touches in order to have the home market ready!

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Basically, if you want to have stunning photographs and an easy to show home that will get you better offers and will most likely sell faster then you may want to consider hiring someone to stage your home. Andrea Kent of Kent Home Staging will be able to assist you if you have any questions regarding staging. You can call her at 510-501-3838 and if you have any questions about real estate give me a call 707-217-1786. My name is David R. Millar and I am ready to help you with all of your real estate needs!