The Historical Hacienda Bridge Unites Guerneville And Forestville!

The Hacienda Bridge is what unites Guerneville and Forestville across the Russian River. Throughout the 1900's the Hacienda bridge was used by the North Western Pacific Railroad to travel across the Russian River. In more recent times however, the Hacienda bridge is commonly crossed by cars and trucks traveling between the two towns and is known as the central link between Guerneville and Forestville.

Cabin For Sale On The Russian River

Guerneville has very diverse and unique homes in their own way. Every home is different from the last making Guerneville special and attractive. It is a duel community and by that, I mean that we really have two seasons! We have the Tourist and Vacation Season where people come from all around to lay on the beach and soak up the sun, play in the Russian River, and go for hikes in the majestic redwoods of Armstrong Grove and above all else they come to seek out the peace and tranquility that they are in desperate need of! The other season is what I like to call the Local Season! This is when the locals build fires in their wood burning stoves until the whole forest smells like a campfire. Its when the community strengthens its bonds to each other and the environment. This is the holiday season when the rains come and Russian River locals show what we are made of as we ride out the winter months knowing that Summer fun is right around the corner. When you are investing in Russian River Real Estate. there are many different areas in Guerneville to choose from. Vacation Beach offers amazing Russian Riverfront homes that make great vacation rentals. Summit Ave has some of the most breathtaking views and Hulbert Creek has some adorable creekside cottages! Homes for sale in Guerneville are constantly changing in their price range as the Russian River Real Estate Market changes however, there are always homes to be found in the lower and higher price range depending on what you are looking for.

Real Estate In Forestville.

Forestville is always in high demand since the area is beautiful, the schools are great, and it tends to be more diverse in what it offers as far as the range in price and styles in the area. Inventory is normally low and homes that are for sale see multiple offers since so many people want a home in the area and there are so few homes available due to creek and river protection laws and the notoriously hard to get building permits. Homes for sale in Forestville range from single family riverfront properties to larger ranches and vineyards and the prices of the homes range accordingly. Everything from two to three hundred thousand dollar homes up to one and a half to two million dollar homes are all available in Forestville.

Finding A Local Russian River Agent You Can Trust!

Finding a local Russian River agent that you can trust is hard and tedious. Trulia and Zillow will say local agent and give you the name of some agent in the city that doesn't have a clue about Russian River Real Estate. David R. Millar here at Millar and Company Real Estate is a local agent who has lived in this area for years and is a huge part of the community. He knows how frustrating finding a local Russian River Agent can be and David is here to help! His belief is that we don't just live on the River; we are part of the River. If you have been thinking about investing in Real Estate in this area Call David R. Millar (BRE#01354778) at 707-217-1786 Today!