Real Estate is one industry where Facebook marketing is vital to the success of the business...

Real Estate isn't the only industry where Facebook Is key. In the world today social media has hit an all time high and continues to climb. Seems like everyone these days has a Facebook page and is using it to either socialize or market. If you own a business then this article will help you learn what you need to know to use Facebook for business.

How To Use Facebook For Business

If you own a business and you are not using Facebook then you need to get a Facebook page going immediately! If you need help getting your Facebook page up and running then I would watch the video posted here and follow along, take notes if you need to. In the world today Facebook is one of the best places to market your products. The most recent stats on Facebook say that there are more than 1.59 billion active monthly users...if they aren't seeing your products then you are missing a very large audience. This article is chalk full of all of the little golden nuggets that I have spent hours researching, in classes, and online to find! If you know of some other golden nuggets please share in the comments below!

The Line That Divides

It is vitally important in the Facebook world that you do not cross-pollinate too often! Now there may be something that you are doing in your business that you are sure would interest your friends and that is okay to post on your profile but for the most part, you need to keep them separate. Kerry Rego is a local social media specialist who explains it like a need to make sure you are putting your content in the right room, she says. Take a look at her article Keep Your Social Media Home Grounded to get the analogy. Think about all of your friends that are working...what if you went into your Facebook feed to see how your friends were doing and check out some interesting videos and pics of things that they like and instead all you found were ads for their would be irritated! What if you had a friend that posted all the time links to things they were selling...irritating! Posting your business content on your personal profile is a good way to lose friends on Facebook. Now if you want to sprinkle in a business post now and then it can help your friends to stay updated on how your business is going so that is usually pretty acceptable. Likewise, you would not want to post the cute pictures of your kittens on your business page unless you had an animal based business like grooming. Think about what you are posting and put it either in the "Business" Page category or the "Personal" Profile category.  To learn more about a Page versus a Profile read Ken Morico's article HOW TO: SEPARATE PERSONAL AND BUSINESS WITH FACEBOOK PAGES.

Group Therapy

Ahhhh the groups :-) Facebook groups are by far my favorite social nugget! Go to your Facebook Profile and click the "Home" button. Once you are there you will see your personal feed...on the left side there will be a column that will have the pages you follow, the games you play, etc. and there will be a section titled "Groups" if you click on that you will be able to see what groups you follow. If you do not follow any I would suggest searching your niche and area and joining those groups. For instance, I sell real estate in the Russian River in Sonoma County and I really love to post on my fan page interesting community information. I have joined "I love Sonoma County" "Buy/Sell/Trade Russian River" and "Russian River(Vacation Wonderland)" among others. Pick the groups that represent your business or area and join these groups. It only takes a few for this to work so you don't have to go crazy joining a bunch. Now go to the search bar and type in the name of your page. Find a post that you think the members of one of the groups you just joined would like and click the share button. At the top of the box that appears will be a tab that says "Share To Your Timeline" if you click that box and scroll down then you will see an option for "Share To A Group" click on that then type in the name of the group you want to share it to, and then click share. To get a visual on this visit How To Join Groups On Facebook. The social term for this is Group Jacking...sort of like hijacking a group so to speak by spreading your marketing there so beware when you are posting that if you do this too often they will kick you out! You need to share their content as well to make things fair. This will improve the visibility of your posts, as well as your page and you will begin to see an influx of the number of people who like your page. This will help you build up your clientele and boost your sales.

Lights Camera Action

Video has been gaining momentum in the marketing world for the last few years, so it is no surprise that Facebook has hopped right on that bandwagon and set course for the future of marketing. Dr. Lisa M. Thompson has some statistics about Facebook videos that are absolutely staggering. Two statistics she mentions in particular really stopped me in my tracks. The first was that businesses using videos will grow their revenues 49% faster than businesses who are not and the second was that 40% of consumers state that videos increase the chance of purchasing a product on their mobile device. THAT IS INSANE!!! Anyone who is promoting their business on Facebook should be using video! Check out more of Dr. Thompson's statistics in her article Why You Must Do Facebook Videos To Grow Your BusinessThere is a small trick to videos on Facebook though...It is a must upload your videos directly to Facebook to get them shared because Facebook will only show videos that they can gather data on and they can only gather data on their own videos. However, if you want your YouTube channel to keep up the pace in video views then you will need to also scatter in some links to your YouTube videos. Also although images are fading out of existence they are not gone yet and if you post a really cool image with a link to your YouTube video as well then you can share the same video throughout the week three times! Three posts from one video...that is marketing done right! Just make sure you are posting enough other content in between that people are not going to realize that you are reposting the same content. Space it out!

Ring Ring...Hello?

If you call someone and they don't answer the phone and they don't call you back you tend to get frustrated and eventually you stop calling them! This is true on Facebook as well! Not only do you need to answer when someone is calling but you also need to "call" out to them as well. Here it is in Facebook terms. If someone likes, shares, or comments on something that you post you need to respond. If they "like" something...or actually now they can use emojis too, so if they emoji at your post, you should respond to them by sending some emojis their way or thanking them in a comment for their interest. If someone comments on your post then ALWAYS like the comment and ALWAYS respond! The only exception to this rule is when you are deleting the content. If someone tags a friend in the comment you may want to simply answer with a smiley face because they were not actually talking to you in this instant and you don't want to be annoying in your comments either. If someone shares something you have posted you should not only thank them but you should ask them what else they would like to see on your page...they are there and they liked something you did so much that they sent it on to their friends. This is really good, this means you have done something worth sharing so you need to ask them what else they would share so that you can post more things like that. DO NOT ignore your fans or you will lose them. The key is not only to get people to follow your page but also to have them ultimately buy your product. Read Denise Hicks article titled Facebook do’s and don’ts: What is acceptable for businesses on social media to get some more information on how to use Facebook for business.

Out With The Old

Let me tell you a little secret about Social Media Marketing...What works today might not and probably won't work tomorrow! social media is very fluid and constantly changing so you will need to continue to try to decide what you think the future will hold. You must be an early adaptor and you must continue to move with your clients wherever the social world takes them. With this in mind, I would like to share with you what I think the future of business on Facebook is going to be...Video! No more specifically...Live video! Did you know that Facebook now has a live video feed option for posting a status? WOW! Imagine if you are trying to sell clothing and you can show off your latest line of designer dresses LIVE ON FACEBOOK while answering questions from your customers who are headed to work checking Facebook on their mobile you think your sales would go up if they were in your store virtually ALL DAY LONG! This new invention could change the way we shop online drastically and Facebook has the monopoly on it thus far because they are the only ones doing it...that I know of anyway. Try it out and be one of the first business to do an early adapter....make money with this feature now before all of the other businesses catch on and people get bored and stop caring....before it becomes the norm!

So to sum it up the key factors are that you need to be an early adapter, join groups, keep your business and personal life separate, create content worth seeing and post tons of video! These are the keys to successfully using Facebook for business.