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Using LinkedIn And Google+ For Business

These two platforms are often overlooked in business because businesses often don't have the man power to be active across the board on all of the social media sites, however it is really important that you take the time to be social on these two platforms. Even if you can only login once a week for a half an hour...make the time and your business will see results.

Google Plus


Google+ For Business

Although Google+ for business seems to have lost some momentum recently, I have found that using Google+ actually gives me a lot more traction then some of the other sites. Consumers are not hanging out and chatting on Google+ and your ads or pitches for your business are going to fall on def ears. This is where you will want to build your network. When you post on Google+ it should be information that would help someone in your network. If you own a bakery then you could post information on how to bake the best German chocolate cake or how to decorate elaborate cookies for Christmas. The information would need to be something that another baker would find interesting. Write content that is helpful to them and then share their content that is helpful to you on your blog. Create a network of bakers all over the United States or even the world, swap ideas and share stories. Ultimately you will want to reference their blogs on your website and often in return they will link back to your website from theirs. This gives you validity with Google which will help your site rank higher. Basically what that means is that if a customer goes to Google and types in Bakeries in your area then your business is more likely to come up at the top of the list.

LinkedIn for Business


LinkedIn for Business

LinkedIn is very similar to Google+ in terms of content but you will want to also add in your sales information as well because you can also connect with customers and locate exceptional staff on LinkedIn. So let's say you are an artist and you have a gallery. In addition to posting blogs about painting techniques you will want to post information about your next show or showcase your latest masterpiece. Build your network as a combination of people who are interest in art to view or purchase as well as other artists. If you are a business that is looking at resumes you can take a look at linkedIn to find out who recommends each of the applicants and what skills they have that may be helpful to have around.


One thing that can really get your name out there on both Google Plus and LinkedIn is groups. Groups are where you find your friends, colleagues and potential clients! Okay seriously though this is important for your business! Take the time to join at least 5 groups and 5 communities (groups are called communities on G+) and start networking with both future customers and with people in your field. Be social...they are after all social networks! Groups can be major game changers for you and your business.

Social Nugget

No matter what platform you are being social on there are two things that will help you ten fold. The first is your story...really define the message that you want people to hear and how you got to that message. A good example of this is the little pet store in my hometown. They want their customers to feel comfortable bringing their pets with them to the store and to know that the products are completely healthy for them. To do this they market themselves as the honest pet store that will stock what their customers want and tell them if something is really bad for their pet so that their pet doesn't wind up sick. This is their message that they spread over and over across all social media. It works! Find your story and tell it to the world.

The other thing that will really help you is the likes. If someone has liked something on one of your social posts then a notification will appear...click on it and if they don't already follow you ask them to! It never hurts to ask someone to do something...in fact in the marketing world they call this a "Call to Action."

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