With the Russian River Real Estate market catching fire I have been showing a lot of property in Guerneville. Whenever I am out I keep noticing the very classy signs and beautiful landscaping of West Sonoma Inn and Spa here at the edge of Guerneville just outside of town. Today I decided to go in and introduce myself and see what the place had to offer to people visiting Guerneville. The manager Mallory Lambert was very friendly and welcoming and offered me the inside scoop!

She began by giving me a bit of history of the Inn. It had been Brookside Lodge for years consisting primarily of Cement until the day that Naveed Haneef decided to buy it and make it over! It was roughly six years ago and since then the building has transformed into a place of complete elegance and charm. The lobby itself was absolutely breathtaking! Large couches and an adorable fireplace set in a room filled with local art and an incredibly chic interior design! West Sonoma Inn and Spa is proud to be part of the First Friday Art Walk here in Guerneville and have featured in their place of business the "Wonderfully Bold Creative Paper Collages" by Douglas DeVivo, "Captured Moments" by Sandra Maresca, and "Across The Street" Photography by Kate Williams. I took a walk around the room to take a look at the art and was incredibly impressed by the beauty and intrigue of the art and how well the different artists seem to all fit together perfectly with the style of the Inn.

I then asked Mallory the million dollar question...What do you charge people to stay in such an elegant place like this? The answer was it depends! She continued by telling me that the rooms that have Vineyard views, kitchens, and a Jacuzzi in the room tend to run about $169-$299 a night, however, the pet-friendly rooms that are available tend to only run $149-$219 per night. After a second to think about this I decided that that is a very fair price for an Inn that offers BBQ's, a Pool, magnificent views, and Champagne in the rooms for guests as well as Wine and Champagne tasting. 

They are located within walking distance of the town of Guerneville but are surrounded by trees and set back away from the road enough that they are their own calm, tranquil Oasis. Mallory informed me that if people want to make a reservation at their Inn in Guerneville they will need to do so at least six months in advance in order to get a room since they are extremely popular and are usually booked.

The Spa consists of three Spa treatment rooms and offers Russian River Hot Stone massages as well as an array of other massages as well. Mallory said that the best thing the spa offers are the Facial/Massage combinations which in her words are "Just Amazing!"

I was given access to walk around the grounds and take a look and I felt so relaxed and at peace in that place. I found this adorable little area where a mother deer and her two babies had stopped to graze and a Gazebo with a view of the awe-inspiring redwoods and a vineyard that seemed to go on forever.

If you are thinking about visiting the Russian River area I would suggest staying at West Sonoma Inn and Spa and making your trip one of the most peaceful and inspiring times in your life.

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