As a local Russian River agent I often get asked by sellers if there is anything to be said for staging their home in order to sell it. My answer usually consists of a number of questions that they should ask themselves when they are selling their property. See my video below.

Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Staging Your Home!

One of the first questions you should ask yourself when you are putting your house on the market is do I really need to stage my home?The problem with this question is that many people don’t understand why you would need to stage a home because a home is a personal place and to them it reflects their likes and dislikes: However when you have a home for sale on the Russian River your attempt is to appeal to the likes and dislikes of the potential buyers of your home. A staging company is experienced at setting up your home so that it will appeal to a wide range of people giving you an advantage in the market.


A Word From The Experts

Anthony of Woodland Styles directed me to their website for more information about staging and I found this quote which just about sums up why anyone should stage their home! “When a potential buyer sees a home, you have one chance for a great first impression. Missing that moment can miss the sale. A staged home can lift the sales price by 6-20 percent, and 91 percent of staged homes sell within one month. Simply put, staged homes emphasize strengths, disguise flaws and create an emotional connection to buyers.”

Thank You To My Clients For Trusting Me As Your Local Russian River Agent!

As a Russian River Real Estate agent this is my favorite part of the job. I list a home and market it like crazy. I hold an open house to generate more interest in the home. Then I find a buyer and write the offer. When escrow is opened it is rather exciting and we begin the process of negotiation between the buyer and seller. However on the closing day when the keys switch hands and everything falls neatly into place the sense of accomplishment and gratitude for being able to be a part of that is overwhelming.


All About The Russian River

The Russian River market is heating up and buyers are bidding up riverfronts higher than I ever predicted they would sell for. If you have been thinking about selling a riverfront property in this area now is the ideal time to get it on the market before the rain starts and the buyers disappear back into the woodwork! One riverfront just sold for $150,000 over asking near Rising Star! It is amazing how much these homes are selling for!

Investing in realty here can be a harrowing experience and at times overwhelming! It is important that you have a local Russian River agent that you can trust to help you find your perfect home on the Russian River. David R. Millar has been working in Real Estate for over 25 years and has invested his heart in the Russian River Area. He specializes in riverfront homes and enjoys kayaking to calm his mind and strengthen his spirit!

David began Millar and Company to help people discover their own passion for the Russian River and to be a local agent that people can trust and depend on.

Our Mission here at Millar and Company is to sell your home to someone who will love it as much as you, while providing positive solutions in an optimistic atmosphere. We love helping people accomplish their dreams and building relationships. We strive to help people reach beyond today and achieve their higher vision of the future. David Millar is a local Russian River Agent that you can trust!

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