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There are so many things to love about this area besides Russian River real estate including the welcoming local community, the charming shops and restaurants, the annual events that the whole town participates in, and of course the stunning river. The best part is that if you drive 20 minutes in any direction you will either see the Pacific Ocean, Armstrong Woods, Austin Creek, or the rolling hills of Sonoma County. The Russian River Valley has a rich history from the original loggers and settlers who named Guerneville stump town to old school families who have been here since the turn of the century. For me what makes this are so great and why I fell in love with it back in 1988 is that it reflects the diversity, tolerance and acceptance of the San Francisco Bay but at a slower more relaxed pace.  Everyone is accepted here and invited to add to our cultural mosaic.

Russian River Real Estate

There are many different types of Russian River properties from riverfront cabins, to Northwood homes for sale on the golf course! We have Dubrava condominiums and creek side homes on Austin Creek. We even have homes near the ocean in Jenner and once in awhile an oceanfront home will pop up on the MLS as well. The area is known for its waterfront homes, cabins nestled in the redwoods, and delicious Russian River wines. We have vineyard estates that feature some of the best wines in Sonoma County and homes up on hills above the flood level. In today's market we are not seeing very man short sales or foreclosed home but what we are seeing is that flat usable land for sale is in high demand and unfortunately there is not a lot of it to go around so if you do see a lot on the MLS you are going to want to snatch it up as fast as you can. No matter what location in West Sonoma County you are looking for property in we will help you find the home that fits you the best. We cover Guerneville, Forestville, Monte Rio, Rio Nido, Bodega Bay and Jenner as well as a bunch of smaller communities in West County.

Community Events On The Russian River

Many of the people who are looking at homes for sale on the Russian River already have their home in the city that they live in day to day and when they buy and home here they are investing in a vacation home. Thousands of vacationers come to the river to experience our community events. There are many events that happen here year round but there are a few that are well known and unforgettable including Civil War Days, Stumptown Daze Parade, the Russian River Jazz and Blues Festival, Full Vineman Triathlon, and the Annual Monte Rio Variety Show. The events pull the community together to celebrate the fascinating history of the area as well as allowing us to look into the future and see all of the amazing things that lie ahead for us here on the Russian River.

Russian River Schools

Parents looking to purchase a home for sale on the Russian River that will be year round will want to look into the schools in the area and find out that they have to offer your child. This is natural parents always want what is best for their children and in our community we look to our children as the voice of the future and encourage parents to be involved in their education. Our goal is to challenge their minds and expand their horizons to build a stronger tomorrow! Our schools tend to have fewer students due to the rural location and therefore your child will have smaller class sizes and won't get lost in the herd so to speak. The teachers and staff are known to take their time and make sure that each child is getting what they need to succeed! Our goal is to make sure they have whatever they need to give them the best future possible. The area’s elementary schools include Guerneville Elementary School, Forestville Academy and Elementary School, Monte Rio School, and Montgomery Elementary School. Due to our rural surroundings, the local primary schools range from kindergarten to the eighth grade. When the children graduate eighth grade they will go to either El Molino High School which is located in Forestville, or Analy High School which is located in Sebastopol.

Wineries and Beaches On The Russian River

This area has everything from some of the worlds gorgeous giant redwoods in Armstrong Woods to crystal clear water in Austin Creek that radiates serenity and tranquility. There are hidden trails in Armstrong Woods that lead all the way up to Bullfrog pond and overlook the breathtaking hills of Cazadero. Another sweet spot is where the river feeds into the Pacific Ocean known as the mouth of the river. There are two well-known beaches that border the mouth of the river which are Shell Beach and Goat Rock. These are the best beaches because they have the best shells and rocks for collectors and hidden caves that are fun to explore that have shallow water that children can splash around in. The best part is that here in Sonoma County we are located right in the heart of wine country! Located just outside of the town of Guerneville is Korbel Winery which has some of the most delectable wines available. The vineyards themselves seem to stretch over the lush landscape dotting them with purple and green grapes that put off a delicious smell throughout the fall as they are harvested. So whether you are visiting or looking at homes for sale on the Russian River make sure to take some time to enjoy the best of the lifestyle here!

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